Customer-specific mandates

Palladio Partners provides German institutional investors with independent advice on real assets. In doing so, we implement customer-specific mandates over the entire investment process.


Comprehensive research and generation of investment ideas

As pioneers in the asset class, our team members have many years of experience across various market cycles and an established international network. In this way, we form a complementary team that can assess real assets from all relevant perspectives. This enables us together with our clients to recognize changes in the market and implement flexible interesting investment ideas.


Strategy development and implementation of customer-specific mandates

Together with our clients, we develop individual customised mandates according to their desired risk-return profile. In the implementation, we consider, among other things, aspects such as cost efficiency, the regulatory environment, sustainability aspects and the appropriate structure of the investment vehicle. Independent and individual advice is particularly important due to the illiquidity of the asset class.


Ongoing portfolio management

Thanks to our long-standing relationships and international network, we provide our clients with a comprehensive access to real assets. Before any specific investment decision, we carry out a detailed due diligence process. Our customers are constantly and transparently involved in this process. This also applies to the portfolio construction as well as monitoring, controlling and reporting of the mandate.


Proprietary risk management

Throughout the portfolio management process, we use a proprietary risk management system that addresses both qualitative and quantitative aspects. The aim is to obtain a uniform risk perspective on the investments, thus comparability of such.