Floor plan of Palladio's Villa Almerico Capra detta „La Rotonda“

The meaning of our company name

Our name – Palladio Partners – characterises the identity of our company. It is derived from one of the most famous architects of the Renaissance: Andrea Palladio (1508-1580). His work serves as a role model for our business.

As the first independent and specialized professional architect, he created a unique synthesis of aesthetics and functionality in his buildings. Palladianism became a favourite architectural style over several centuries.

In his work, Andrea Palladio considered customer-specific requirements and framework conditions, such as:

  • Initial situation of the property, 
  • Purpose of the building, and  
  • Available financial framework.

Despite the individuality of each single project, Palladio's work combines a clear, simple language of form, which is already recognisable in the floor plan of any building, and which is reflected in its details.

We consider this an analogy to asset management: The floor plan in architecture corresponds to the strategy in asset management, which is fundamental for any investment decision. It provides every project with its framework, ensures stable implementation based on transparent processes and is crucial for long-term, sustainable success.

These elements are important to us. Therefore, the ground plan of Palladio's most important building, the Villa "La Rotonda", is a central element of our company logo.