März 2018:
Dr. Bernd Kreuter moderiert Workshop zum Thema Benchmarking von Infrastrukturinvestitionen auf dem PEI Infrastructure Investor Global Summit in Berlin

Februar 2018:
dpn veröffentlicht Interview mit Michael Rieder und MdB Dr. Peter Ramsauer zum Thema Infrastrukturinvestitionen und der Initiative Deutsche Infrastruktur.

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Februar 2018:
Alexander Krater auf SuperReturn Panel ‚LPs on real assets‘ in Berlin.

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Palladio Partners specializes in providing independent advice on the implementation of real asset strategies. We are an owner-managed investment boutique working with German institutional investors. We offer:

Client specific and cost efficient implementation
Palladio Partners’ approach is tailored to each client's requirements and implemented in a cost effective manner.

Transparent and proprietary risk management
We target stable returns and an attractive risk/return profile using a transparent, proprietary risk management system.

Palladio Partners was founded by Dr. Bernd Kreuter and Michael Rieder. We have extensive experience in a broad range of subasset classes within real assets and have advised German speaking institutional investors on infrastructure, renewable energy, real estate, private equity, and other real asset strategies. In our previous roles, we have created stable and scalable processes for both direct and indirect investments. We use state of the art research to assess the risk/return and portfolio characteristics of sub asset classes, portfolios, and single investments.

If you are a fund with a focus on a real asset strategy, we would be interested to learn about your offering. Please contact:

▪ Anna Baumbach (abaumbach(at),

▪ Sven Clasen (sclasen(at),

▪ Alexander Krater (akrater(at),

▪ Dr. Bernd Kreuter (bkreuter(at) or

▪ Thomas Mehlhorn (tmehlhorn(at)